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559 Words on Stopping to Smell the Roses of Life

“Make sure you stop and smell the roses,” is a phrase that’s been tossed around my entire life.  Its something you SHOULD do… or so we’re told.

Well, this summer I leanred how incredible it can be to do just that.  To take time to appreciate God’s wonder and creation, to travel and see what is out there in the world, to pull over and see that thing that peaks your interest…. and it has truly been a blessing.

I took a few trips with my boyfriend this summer that completely showed me how “stopping to smell the roses” can really make an effect on you.  I’m always busy. ALWAYS busy with work, school, homework, etc. etc. etc.  So, when we both had a totally free day we decided, ‘it sure would be cool to see the coast of Washington for once’…

So we went. Right then and there.  We drove to the ferry, hopped over to Kingston, and pulled over whenever we wanted to pull over.  We left at 8 o’clock in the morning and didn’t get home until 10 in the evening.  But what an incredible day it was.

We walked on the Dungeness Spit, we saw my grandparents, we ate at a crab place at sunset, we swam in Lake Crescent, we saw the wonder of the coast (that looks more like the moon on a foggy day) and just spent the entire day smelling the roses.   We literally set out to the coast with no plans, nothing set in stone, just the urge to see something new and different, and follow where the road takes us.  So when we saw road signs for something interesting (like the most Northwestern peak of continental America), we went there.  We only had cell phone service for about 20% of our trip, so it was a time to be together, to explore, to see the wonders of Washington.  How amazingly relaxing that day was.

It makes me think about how important it is to follow the road in front of us – the road designed for us.  Not only how important it is, but how rewarding it can be.

Sometimes its so difficult for us to trust God, to follow the path He sets out for us, because we don’t know where that road may go.  But when we DO follow His path… the things we see, the moments we experience, the things we learn to appreciate more… well… those things are life-changing.

So take this as a challenge to you.  Next time you’re free, drive somewhere. Somewhere off of the normal beaten path.  Drive where you want to drive.  All YOU need to do is make sure you have enough gas, and make sure to stop and smell the roses.  Pull over when you want to pull over.  Swim in the lake you think is pretty, eat at a restaurant on the side of the road that looks wonderful…

You might be amazed at what you can find, and what you can learn about yourself, and your friendship with God.  Trust the road, it’ll take you where it’s supposed to.


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24 Words on… getting it.

… I think I’m starting to get a hang of this whole photography thing…

(Barcelona live at the Rock n’ Roll Marathon finish line, 26 June 2010)

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222 Words on Life’s Struggles

I took this photo the other day standing in the middle of the Ballard Bridge as it was going up.  I was headed back to my house with some friends and the bidge put a wrinkle in our plans… so I took adtvantage of the situation and took a photo of it.

Roads symbolize the journey of life.  Lately life has had its struggles; family things, stress, working (probably) too much, and the stresses of school.  All hang-ups on the journey of life.  The bridge going up in front of me the other day made me think the hang-ups, the pauses, the struggles we all go through in life.  They’re the bridge that goes up in front of you, knocking your plans off track.

But the beauty of the bridge is that it goes back down, right back to where it started.  The same sort of thing often happens with life struggles.  We encounter something unexpected and it rocks our world, but with stead-fast faith and a level head, things to back to normal.  Trust in the bridge going back down.  Trust in God, it made me think.

Probably border-line too deep for a bridge.  But it did make me think.  Things will be ok, just as a drawbridge tears a road apart, and then puts it back together.

Have you encountered bridges in your life lately?

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123 Words on My Second Home

This is me in my second home.  (And yes, I technically took this photo – hooray for self-timer!).  When I’m there, its usually dark out.  And if its not dark when I get there, its dark when I leave.  And I think I like it that way.  I like how the room is lit by the buttons on the board and how the music and machinery always hums in the background.  Just me, the board, and potentially thousands of listeners on the other side.  I love it.  And even though I’ve been told I look sad in this photo, my job makes me incredibly happy.  I love it my work, and I would be devastated if it ever went away.  Its my life, my passion, my love.

Are you doing what you love?

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104 Words on Symmetry

I’ve become a fan of symmetry and repetition lately.  Something about it is artistic, no matter what I’m photographing… in this case, a bowling alley.  I also like that in this photo, a face from a video screen above the lanes is reflected in the glossy surface.

Have you ever noticed symmetry and repetition in life… especially in nature?  Isn’t it amazing to see?  Maybe that’s God’s attempt to add a little artistic aspect to His creation.  A garden of flowers – tulips.  A plant with leaves that are nearly identical.  Symmetrical flowers.  So intricate and delicately designed.  Beautiful.

Have you seen repetition or symmetry lately?

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493 Words on the Grand Opening of the Hard Rock Cafe – Seattle

This week I got to go to one of the coolest industry parties I have ever been to – the Grand Opening (invite only!) VIP Party for the Hard Rock Cafe in downtown Seattle.  It was hard to pick which photos I liked the best because I took so many (0ver 300) in the three hours I was there!

The first photo in this blog entry is of people sitting in the dining room of the cafe.  The dining room is almost completely symmetrical, and I loved capturing the ambiance in the room in this shot.  The bright lights shine down on the people sitting in the booths, spotlighting them like a rockstar on a dark stage.  The back of the dining room reads “Love All Serve All.”  The Hard Rock slogan is seen everywhere in the newly open downtown business; the employees are incredibly diverse, but equally interesting and fun to chat with.  I had a conversation about pins with a gentleman with two mow-hawks, at least ten piercings on his face, and tattoos covering his cheeks, neck and hands.  I was so happy to see that every customer treated the employees the same; there was no judgement based on appearance.  I wish everyone was so lucky in the work place – or in life in general.

The second photo is of the “Guitar Smash” they did in lieu of a ribbon cutting.  They had about 15 local “celebrities” smash guitars outside the building’s front doors, taking up the entire street.  The “celebs” ranged from Steve Pool, the weather man from KOMO 4 news, to Sir Mix-a-lot!  There were people from evening magazine, local bands, and more.  It was so cool to see them all smash their guitars in unison on the sidewalk.

And the last photo is of one of the appetizers that were so incredible – a mini Hard Rock burger.  There was endless food to eat, live music, and mingling with all the people from the Seattle music and entertainment industry… it was a dream.

I walked away with a Hard Rock VIP pass, a cool lanyard, a wrist band, and memories to last me for ages.  I was just excited to be there, at the Grand Opening for something so wonderful, so perfect for Seattle.  My family has been going to the Hard Rock Cafe for ages – there used to be one in Whistler that we went to each time we went to the resort town.  I’ve been to the one in Paris, and Denver, Louisiana… and I KNOW I’m missing somewhere else… but its an incredible restaurant chain.  A place to recognize the amazing musicians that have brought their sounds to all of the corners of the world.  Who have helped millions created memories and special moments in their lives.  Musicians who have helped people get through the hard times and celebrate the great times with their songs… music is so powerful and so wonderful, I was more than happy to be there celebrating the opening of a restaurant that recognizes that.

Ever been to the Hard Rock?

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443 Word on Sentimental Wheels

So this isn’t the greatest photo, but I still felt like sharing.  About a week ago, my boyfriend’s car broke down in Arlington.  He’s been taking the bus to work and catching rides from friends, and found out just a few days ago that it would be nearly $1,500 to fix it.  He moved to Edmonds six days ago, so at least its easier for him to get to work, but still a hassle.

He and his parents decided a few days ago not to get his car fixed, so I took him to the lot it was resting in to get his belongings out of it.  It was late by the time we got up there, no one was around, and a nasty spring storm was on its way into Arlington.

He loaded everything into the back of my CR-V; CD’s, a TV he was going to move to his new place, a couple work shirts, and few sentimental belongings – a seashell he found his first week in Washington, a ring he has had since High School…

And as soon as he emptied the car completely, shut all the doors and hid the key… he got emotional.  “This car sure is crappy,” he said, “but I am going to miss it.”  He drove across the US in that car.  He bought it himself.  He loved it.  No matter how broken down it was, it was still his car.  Something crammed full of good memories that he never wants to forget.  He was quiet the whole way home, and often says, “I miss my car,” when he hops into mine.  That thing meant a lot to him.

Cars are sentimental.  Its a hunk of metal, but its so much more.  Last summer I totaled the dark teal ’93 Ford Explorer I had been driving since High School, and I burst into tears when a friend drove me up to my parents house days after the accident, only to see the mangled piece of metal in the drive way.  So many good times driving that car, it was hard to see it in such bad shape.

Isn’t it curious that we hold on to something like… a car?  It was the first car you moved to a new place with, the car you passed your driving test in, the car you remember going to football games in… its like the memories are going to disappear as soon as the wheels leave your possession.  It’s painful.  Cars hold a special sentimental value.

They take you from point A to point B… and to all the memories in between.

What memory do you have of your first car?

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233 Words on Sisterly Love

This is the first photo I’ve posted that I didn’t take myself – in fact, I couldn’t have taken it.  That’s me nestled in a pink blanket on the day I was born.  My sister is inspecting me in my plastic sleeping place and my mom is watching from her hospital bed.

I recently came across this photo while going through boxes of pictures at my grandma and papa’s house in Wenatchee. I couldn’t resist posting it and writing a little about what it means to me.

The one thing this photo says to me?  Love.  The way my sister has her head tilted to the side,  peering into the tiny box I’ve been placed in.  Wondering who I am and what kind of sister I’ll be.  Looking at new life and deciding that she’ll always call me, “Baby Sister.”  That was my name to her for many, many years.  My parents have adorable videos of them asking my sister, Alex, “who is that, Alex?”  Her reply is always, “that’s Baby Sister.”  That’s love.

There are so many cliche things that people say about sisters, but they’re all true.  She’ll love me no matter what.  She’s always wanted what’s best for me.  I have a piece of art in my room that says, “I am twice blessed – my sister is also my friend.”  So true.

She’s loved me from day one.  Here’s the proof.

What actions say “love” to you?

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235 Words on Change

Meet me roommate, Emily.  Isn’t she beautiful? (PS:  This was my first attempt at shooting portraits. This was one of the more artsy photos, but likely one of the best of the day). The other night was gorgeous in Seattle, and we ventured down to Golden Gardens to snap some photos of Emily and her new haircut.

Isn’t it amazing how a new ‘do can make you feel so different?  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve just felt the need for… change.  So I change my hair.  Its not permanent (it’ll grow back), but it makes me somehow feel shiny and new.  Anytime something tragic happens, anytime I feel like I need something new in life, anytime I feel stuck in a rut… a haircut seems to do the trick.

New and improved me.

Isn’t it strange that we do this?  I know I’m not the only one that does it.  You know you do something like this, too.  You have a terrible month, so you resort to… reorganizing your bedroom. Or the pantry.  Or getting a new shampoo.


Its something that is somehow comforting to us as humans.  But isn’t home, and what we know supposed to be the most comforting? Perhaps its the idea of pushing all of the bad – including your bad hair – out of your life.  I have yet to understand why we all gravitate toward change, but I’m working on it.

What do you turn to in the tough times?

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279 Words on a Trip to the TOP

What an unbelievable experience.  Yesterday at work was a day I will never be able to forget – I will never want to forget it, that’s for sure.  After Paramore, a band I have loved for years, played a Private Performance for our listeners in the Space Needle, I got to climb to the top with them.

And when I say “the top,” I mean the tippy tippy top.  We went up a special elevator, through an ’employees only’ door, up a steep flight of stairs, climbed two ladders, and went through a hatch to the very top of the iconic Seattle structure.

These photos are of Hayley Williams, Paramore’s vocalist.  She was a sweetheart, and loved the view.  The second we all got through the roof, no one was a rock star anymore, everyone was in shock and awe.  Everyone got out their cameras and cell phones and took photos of the spectacular view.

Not many people get to see that particular view in their lifetime, especially on such a gorgeous day.  It was amazing, and really made me count my blessings.  I have a job that lets me do incredible things each and every day.  Things I never would have dreamed of doing.  I love it, and I wake up excited for work each day.  I am so thankful that I can say that, and so happy that I have such wonderful photo opportunities in my life, too.

What an amazing view and experience.  An uninterrupted, sweeping skyline, my favorite band soaking it all in… something I will never forget.

Ever seen a sight that took your breath away?

Check out my video I made for http://www.kissfmseattle.com

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